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September 10, 2010

Claire and Jase Sittin’ in a Tree

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An apple tree that is!  I believe that is literally what they will be doing for a while  as it is near harvesting time on the huge family owned apple orchard of which Claire and Jase have the pleasure in staking out a corner to make their first home.  They’ll be picking apples from the very trees that they recently stood amongst and promised the rest of their days to each other.  The backdrop could not have been more beautiful for their wedding day – delightful grounds with cultivated spaces and nooks, climbing flower covered arbors, splashes of brilliant colors beautifully landscaped over several years by Jase’s parents… a definite treat to the soul!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time recording Claire and Jase’s day, witnessing first-hand the sparkle in his eye whenever she was on his arm, or the way her smile stretched a mile longer than normal whenever he was near.  Jase and Claire’s love is the kind of love that I could never tire of documenting.  Thanks for the honor you two!

Not only was Claire an absolutely stunning bride, she was a busy bride!  Claire baked and decorated this beautiful wedding cake from scratch, as well as helped in preparing the meal for their wedding guests – which I heard declared as absolutely delicious many times throughout dinner. She’s simply amazing, I tell you!

Erick’s view of them coming down the isle:

September 3, 2010

Rachel + Matthew : A Beautiful Country Wedding

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I have recently had the distinct pleasure of photographing Rachel and Matt’s beautiful outdoor wedding.   The celebration, which took place on a gorgeous summer day, was cast in the serenely picturesque backyard of Matt’s childhood home.   Guests were seated on a manicured patch of green grass, shaded by a canopy of moss-covered trees, and serenaded by the rippling Solduck River as they witnessed Matt and Rachel’s  profession of love for one another and exchange of vows. 

Rachel and Matt chose to see each other before the ceremony so I was able to capture a few intimate moments between them that they would not have had time to experience during the ceremony.   The first look (and the pictures that follow) is always my favorite part of the day!


I love that Matt and Rachel’s little Jack Russell Terrier was the first to congratulate the newly married couple, after all, they ARE his people! 

Thanks so much Rachel & Matt and Pete & Molly for the honor of being a part of this wonderous day!

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