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July 30, 2008

Lunch With Some Chicks

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The Historian, my oldest little fella at 12 years, has a fondness for a particular group of red-heads.  And I just gotta tell ya, these red-heads have a fondness for him in return… seriously, they flock around him! 

We have a bunch of red heads that live down the hill from us, and the other day the Historian decides he’s gonna prepare some lunch for them.  First he asks if he can take some lettuce from the garden to make a salad from.  On his way out of the garden he grabs a few radishes.  Then he gets this notion to get all epicures and pick some fresh dandelion greens to add to the mix.  I would have served the dandelion in a tea myself, but he didn’t have time to mess with brewing tea.   Did you know that dandelions are quite nutritious?  Honestly, dandelion greens have more nutrition than broccoli, and more vitamin A than carrots.  They also have laxative and diuretic properties.  A weed, go figure!

Anyway, by the time he arrived at the red-heads’ gate, he found them gathered and waiting.  He presented them with the salad he’d made; most of the girls dug right in, and to the ones who were a little more reserved, he hand fed them himself. 


Such a gent he is, he makes his mama proud.








I just had to grab a shot of this pretty little red-head, aren’t her highlights dreamy?  If I could get color like that, I’d definitely go red!

June 2, 2008

The Hens

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A little up-date on the chickens.  They don’t look like this anymore:

They’re growing up! 

They’ve gone from cute and cuddly to gangly and a little awkward…adolescence?

Soon, we’ll let them out of their box to scratch and explore God’s green earth, and all the bugs thereon.  They are just itching to get out and investigate.   But for now, sorry girls…you’re still too young and vulnerable to fly the coop just yet. 

IN you stay!

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