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April 25, 2008

We Have a Winner!

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Thanks so much for your responses to yesterday’s post everyone!  Your comments were very helpful – the votes were pretty much in favor of photos #2 and #3.  Many of you pointed out that you preferred the picture where there was more contrast between the girl and the background, making her stand out more.  Although the contrast was good in photo #3, photo #2 received a few more votes because some preferred her skin tones there.  Lisa pointed out that the bright highlights of her shirt in one photo were distracting from her face -very helpful!  These observations of yours have been great for me; I feel I have some things to focus on and I’m anxious to get back into Photoshop and get to work!  

In the mean time, let me announce the winner of yesterday’s random contest!

To determine the winner we used the old “draw the name from the hat” procedure:

First we wrote the names on squares of paper.                                                                             









Then we placed them in the hat.













Little Miss M, the subject of yesterday’s post, stuck in her hand and pulled out the name.









And the winner is….. Walnut Shade Mom!








Little Miss M is currently a participant in thumb sucker’s rehab., can you tell?

Congratulations Walnut Shade Mom!  I will be emailing you shortly to find out which barn picture you have selected (you can check them out on my barn page) and what size you’d like it to be. 

Thank you to all who stopped by, and special thanks to those who participated in my little contest!  Little Miss M and I wish you a most delightful day!

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