Candid Reflections

October 15, 2009

The Little Things

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Just pausing a moment to make a list of the little things that make life so enjoyable these days…

The rich colors of the autumn palate.
Walking along roads scattered with colorful, fallen, autumn leaves.
The way an October sunset paints the landscape in a deceptively warm glow.
Fresh sheets that have been misted with the light fragrance of lavender water.
The soft tickle of warm breath on my ear as *Goldie Locks shares a secret with me.
Quiet intensity of ten little eyes peering through the pages of a basketful of new library books.
Listening to the boys read off their list of Boggle words after the sand has completed its tour through the hour  glass.
The smell of his neck on a Sunday afternoon when I nestle in beside him on the couch.
Sipping hot coco from the bleachers while watching *History Buff’s football game.
The vase of fragrant flowers greeting me from the windowsill at my kitchen sink.
The pleading of my children to read on, “Just one more chapter, mom, please!”
The dancing of leaves on the windy gusts of the season’s first storm.
Cooking with fresh herbs from the herb garden.
Warm, fuzzy new socks.

 *Goldie Locks – youngest child,  History Buff – eldest child


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