Candid Reflections

April 7, 2008


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Yesterday afternoon turned out to be a pretty exciting adventure for my oldest son- The Historian, and his father.  The Historian has been reading books on aviation, different plane models, and the Wright brothers.  He just finished putting together a model B-17 Flying Fortress and a model P-38 Lightening.  On the whole, I think you could safely say that airplanes intrigue him. 

Having said this, I’m sure you can imagine his excitement when his best friend’s big sister, who has a pilot’s license, invited him and his dad along on a flight.  That invitation alone made his decade!  And by the end of their trip, after she’d successfully maneuvered around the great big sky with all of it’s wind gusts and air pockets, and landed him down safely on the ground again ( I believe he experienced a few butterflies in his stomach), she instantly became his hero.  I think my fella was pretty impressed as well, flying was all they could talk about on the ride home.  I think he was flying his own plane in his dreams last night!

Here’s the sweet little plane that fanned the flames of their passion yesterday:   









A quick check over…










and a cozy fit.










Ready for take off…










and away they go!










Thanks Alyssa, and Ethan!



  1. That is soo neat! I cant wait to hear about it in detail!

    Comment by sue — April 7, 2008 @ 8:22 am

  2. The Historian! That is the perfect name for that boy! On Saturday we saw 4 Airforce jets flying in formation. We all imediately thought of T.H.

    Comment by Mamapua — April 7, 2008 @ 3:25 pm

  3. […] the USS Missouri battleship (”The Mighty Mo”), and the USS Bowfin Submarine.  The Historian will be […]

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