Candid Reflections

March 11, 2008

I was a Wedding Photographer last weekend.

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I was the photographer for the wedding we went to on Saturday – my first time.  I didn’t want to tell you about it before-hand because I was a tad bit nervous… my knees would get weak whenever the thought of it crossed my mind…and that was quite often!  Are my lenses going to be adequate, do I have enough memory cards, are those extra batteries I ordered gonna make it here in time?  It turned out to be pretty laid back, and quite fun!  My husband was my date, and I couldn’t have done it without his support – both moral and technical.  Have I told you how smart he is?  If something malfunctions, he’s the guy you want around – he can fix anything

I think that the scariest part of the whole thing was opening up the picture files the next day.  That was the moment of truth… reviewing my camera settings, exposures, composition…  do I kick back and let out a sigh of delight, or do I bang my head on the keyboard and search for a rock to crawl under? 

All-in-all, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.  I’m discovering that the taking pictures part is fun and play (if my equipment is all functioning properly that is!  The batteries in my flash got so hot during the reception that they actually started to expand!)  Now it’s editing time, and the real work has begun.  It’s a good thing I love it!  Here are a couple shots, isn’t this couple absolutely gorgeous?




  1. Beautiful…, people, and backdrop. Way to go!! You did a fabulous job!!

    Comment by Janelle — March 11, 2008 @ 1:26 pm

  2. Thanks Janelle, I had so much fun I can’t wait to do it again!
    …Shawn!!! 😉

    Comment by candid reflections — March 11, 2008 @ 9:43 pm

  3. wow! I love the one of the couple leaping in the air! How fun! Great job!

    Comment by allison — March 12, 2008 @ 7:32 am

  4. as the mother of the bride i just want to say, great job! i am anxious to see the rest of the photos. we sure enjoyed working with you and your husband. thanks again.

    Comment by cindy — March 12, 2008 @ 3:39 pm

  5. Thanks Allison…this couple was sooo fun!
    Cindy, thank you. We had such a wonderful experience with your family!

    Comment by candid reflections — March 16, 2008 @ 9:58 pm

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