Candid Reflections

February 29, 2008

Step by step…

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Beautiful Morning!


So…we’ve been trying to indoctrinate the munchkin in the ways of toilet utilization. We tried our best to present the concept in an obvious and orderly fashion. We reasoned with her about the importance of each step…with extra emphasis on the overall practicality of the process. After a couple of mock drills with her, we felt pretty confident that we were soon to reap the first rewards of our earnest efforts. Then, it happened! We were sitting around in the living room yesterday, when she popped up exclaiming, “I pee!” and ran straight to the powder room. We jumped up as well and followed excitedly behind, however, it’s what happened here that made our jaws drop to the ground in bewilderment – we were stupefied. She’d run straight to the toilet paper, tore off a square, dropped it into the bowl, then flushed! After this she yelled, “Yaaaay!” and ran back to resume looking at the book she had left in the living room. Needless to say… I grabbed a fresh diaper, and added ‘diapers’ to the shopping list. Yahhhh…

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  1. Ya gotta love the enthusiasm for the procedure in which she felt she had mastered, though! If only I could be that excited about such tasks like doing the dishes and folding laundry…I can’t quite picture such exuberance over cleaning things…like…err….the litter box! But, maybe I’ll try it and see if I can make my world a happier place 😉

    Comment by Shawn — February 29, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

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